3Д принтеры и всё что с ними связано

ЗД принтеры АБС пластик

What’s on the CD

As you have probably noticed, there is a CD attached to the back cover of the book. There is lots of cool stuff on there. All of the source code for all the model formats discussed in the book, plus a few extras for formats that just didn’t fit are included. Also included are extra 3D models made by the game development community. Please check the README file for each of the models before using them in your own projects. The README files contain each author’s name, email ad­dress, and any terms of use that he or she has put forth regarding the use of his or her artwork.

Digging deeper on the CD, you will find various tools used in manufac­turing 3D models and other related objects, such as skins and textures. Also included are shareware and trial versions of popular software. Try them all and see which ones you want to purchase and keep.

An extras folder contains various projects and source code written by other members of the community. As with the artwork, please read the README files included with everything to avoid any copyright infringement.

Occasionally there will be bug fixes and updates for the source code on the CD. Check out http://books. codershq. com. I hope in the future to release more loaders for other types of 3D models, as well as port them to other languages and APIs, so check the site often.

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