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ЗД принтеры АБС пластик

Reviewing Matrices and Vectors


s you surf the Internet, learning how to make the next big 3D game, you inevitably come across references to “matrices” and “vectors”. If you have not had the pleasure of taking any math courses beyond high school, you may have little or no experience with either subject. This chapter takes you through the basic matrix and vector operations you need to create your own game, as well as provides full source code to a set of matrix and vector classes. This chapter provides you with enough information to help you in your adventure into 3D graphics. Although vector and matrix operations are discussed, the theory behind them is not discussed in depth. There is a great site available on the Web if you want to go more in-depth called Mathworld. Check out Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics, available at http:// mathworld. wolfram. com.

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