3Д принтеры и всё что с ними связано

ЗД принтеры АБС пластик

An Introduction to Skeletal flNlMRTlON


ontains skeletal animation! Revolutionary skeletal animation system! Realistic animations! Look at almost any new 3D game’s box—these words, or some form of them, jump right out at you. It seems that every new game uses some form of skeletal animation.

You have probably seen skeletal animation in action; games such as Half-Life, the Unreal Tournament series, Soldier of Fortune II, and Doom3 all use skeletal animation in one form or another. Figure 5.1 shows one of the first games to bring skeletal animation to the home com­puter, in action

An Introduction to Skeletal flNlMRTlON

Figure 5.1 One of the first popular games to use skeletal animation was Half­Life. Characters and creatures alike moved much more fluidly and realistically, thanks to skeletal animation. The result? Scarier, cooler looking monsters such as this zombie.

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